Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's official: we're nuts

We seem to have acquired another project house.

Yes, it's adorable and in need of love. But WTF, didn't I learn my lesson the first time? Apparently not. The timing of that first project happened to coincide with strenuous hours at the office and our first child. It was an all around stressful time. And yet, I think we were able to pull it off for the most part. That house was always intended as a "flip" property. Given the economic collapse that began to materialize not too long after we took on the project, I'm glad we emerged relatively unscathed.

This time we're going in with the intention of fixing the place up as a rental property. It's already a rental, but still maintains it's single family layout. We don't plan to do anything hardcore like we did with the other house, but we will fix misc things (some major, some minor). In the end, I think this will be a place you'd want to rent. To be continued..


Karen Anne said...

Great bungalow. What's that wall in the front, it looks like nougat :-)

Omar said...

Thanks, this is a pretty sweet little house the more we progress with the renovation. Never really looked at the wall that way, but hey it does doesn't it? Originally the lawn sloped straight to the sidewalk, but some time ago they built the retaining wall so the lawn was level. Easier maintenance I guess. Pretty common around here as a lot of the old neighborhoods are built on the foothills of the mountainside.