Friday, October 22, 2010

death of skunk tree

What is this thing? I've seen these trees all over this area and as far north as denver. What I do know is they grow ridiculously fast and are extremely invasive. They also have a very pungent stink when you rub against the trunk or leaves. Hence the name, skunk tree. This one grew to about 15ft tall in 2 years. I knocked it down though -- I got me a new tree and the perfect spot for it was where this skunk tree was standing.

I don't think el paso is usually thought of as a place to grow citrus trees. It's not common, but I do see it every once in a while. Just down the street from me is an orange tree tucked in between two houses. I'm trying a similar strategy. This one is a mexican lime tree and I'm super excited to put it to good use. Time to make some guacamole.. Mmm.