Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We need some color

After what seemed like an eternity, I think I'm ready to get some fresh paint on this house. As you can see from the overhead pic, the current color doesn't look too bad, but is pretty plain. We're hoping to spruce it up with some much needed Arts & Crafts flavor. These are all colors from the Sherwin Williams Arts & Crafts pallette. We've narrowed it down to 4 paint combos and plan on a two tone scheme. The greens/browns will be the dominant trim color. The reds will be the minor trim color. Of course we still have to get this accepted by the local historic commission, so we got a little time before I actually get to work. My wife & I really like the roycroft brass. But she likes the rookwood red, while I like the roycroft copper red. Feel free to let me know what combo is your fav.. Thanks!

Quartersawn Oak/Rookwood Red

Quartersawn Oak/Roycroft Copper Red

Roycroft Brass/Rookwood Red

Roycroft Brass/Roycroft Copper Red

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